Improve citations from forums and blog posts (especially reddit)

I’m working on a paper where I’m analyzing a reddit patient forum. It would be really nice if paperpile could automatically fill in the user who posted the post, and when it was posted.

Lets see how to get the data from this post:

The reddit api allows requests like this:

where t3_ signifies that it’s a post, akhm9o is the id of the post (see the url), and raw_json=1 correctly json formats output (default is urlencoded for legacy reasons).

It returns a json object where we want the following keys:
“author”: “wendypan105” ### name of the author
“created”: 1548634191.0 ### time created in unix timestamp

I made a notebook that can parse a docx document and return a bibtex file that Paperpile can import. Use it if you like.

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