Improve Loading TIme When Adding Papers From Online Search


When I have 10 citation (for example), and these papers aren’t in my Google Drive/Paperpile account, it takes really long time to search for them through the citation search bar and takes even more time to actually add them as a citation to a specific sentence. When the papers are loaded into the account there is no problem, it’s almost immediately. I understand that online search can’t be immediate, but currently it’s considered (IMO) really slow even if it needs time to “grab” the metadata of the paper, load time can be decreased/optimized.


That’s a complex subject. In principle it’s not under our control how fast the resources we query are. We can control our server and typically have response times < 200ms.

Moreover, it’s also a tradeoff between quality and speed. Because often we don’t just query one resource but start with one query and do subsequent queries to other resources where we know we can get better data. In the end I think it’s important that the citation is as accurate and complete as possible. Waiting a few moments longer is probably worth it.

On a different note, it’s interesting how slow a few seconds feel once you get used how quickly citing can be. Just imagine how long and how many steps it takes to cite a online resource in a typical reference manager like Endnote.