Improved GUI for adding page number to in-text citations

Right now, if I need to add a page number to an in-text citation in Google Docs, the procedure is as follows:

  1. click on citation
  2. Click on “pencil” icon to edit (often having to scroll down to see the full box after)
  3. Click on “arrow” icon to open up the detail form (often having to scroll down again to see this as well)
  4. Enter number
  5. Click “update citation”

I feel that this could be simplified. Both with less clicks and also less need to scroll. Suppose, for instance, that the initial pop-up had a box for entering or editing the page number? It is such a common need that this would allow one to do everything right there! If not at stage 2, how about 3? And how about auto-saving any change, so you don’t need to click “update citation.” And how about making the windows more compact so that less scrolling is necessary? It seems to me that the whole process could be improved!

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Agree with this and I have the same problem. What I would like is a way to easily edit the bibtex file, instead of the GUI. Could a bibtex editor be implemented?