Improved voting and ranking for feature requests

It would be nice if Paperpile had a more transparent and organized mechanism for users to vote for features, and to monitor features that are being implemented.

I am thinking about something similar to the examples below:

Currently, users can add “likes” to the features, but there is no mechanism to sort by likes, or even get a count of those for the individual feature requests.

Actually I did some research a while ago and there is a voting plugin for our forum software.

I will discuss with @jason and @dzemila who do most of the support these days and help keeping track of feature requests.

We hope to be in a state soon with regular incremental feature updates across the product line. In that situation a quantitative user ranking would clearly help.

At the moment our whole team is still busy with the big features (iOS, Android, Word,…) and many fundamental infrastructure improvements. For those, the user demand is so overwhelming that we don’t really needed voting so far.

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Do you guys also plan to publish a desktop app too in the near future? :slight_smile:

@Yaosen_Tian you might have better luck getting a response if you asked this as a separate question - as is, it has nothing to do with the title of this particular topic.

As a fairly new user, I feel that Paperpile’s great advantage is that it is not a desktop program - so can be used easily across computers, even public ones. It is remarkably responsive for a web application, and I see no disadvantages to being on the web rather than the desktop.

While I agree in general, a web app does not address situations in which users must work offline.