In text citation - comma not appearing between author and year


I’m using paperpile in Google docs, with the citation style Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience

Even though the text citations should look like this:
(Koonin and Wolf, 2006; Morris, 2008; Hasan et al., 2009)

When inserting a new citation it comes up without the comma, like this:
(Koonin and Wolf 2006; Morris 2008; Hasan et al. 2009)

How can I sort this out?


This happens to me too. I have been just manually adding the comma but I was wondering if APA 7th edition changed the comma- it didn’t.

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Welcome to our forum, @vfurey and @DRPRW77. If working in Google Docs, have you already clicked ‘Format citations’ on the Paperpile options in the top menu? Only then do in-text citations acquire proper formatting and the bibliography is created/updated. Let me know if this wasn’t the case for you.

Here’s a quick guide to help you write and cite in Google Docs: Getting started with Paperpile and Google Docs | Paperpile.

That fixed it. Thank you.