Inconsistent citation styles

Citation styles are not consistent if using different method to insert the reference.
(1) in Google Docs, if I press ctr+alt+P, search multiple references, and add all these citations, the citation styles will be in the following form
" solid components [2, 11, 15-18] " .

(2) If I press ctr+alt+P at the same location in the document multiple times, and search and add citation of one reference each time, I will get
" materials [10][13][14][15] " .

And the paperpile extension will not able to convert style (2) to " materials [10, 13-15] ", which is consistent with style (1) .

While, EndNote can automatically make the citation style consistent.

is there any way to fix this problem ? Otherwise, I have to manually revise the citations…

This has been discussed before and automatic merging during formatting of the citations is something we might address in the future.

The inconsistent behaviour when citations are inserted is unfortunately not something we can fix. For technical reasons, we simple don’t know what’s left or right when we insert a citation. So if you are on a citation it will be added correctly, if you are one position next to a citation a new citation will be inserted.

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Definitely up voting this feature request. Have been using PaperPile for about 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it, but the inconsistent handling of sequential numbers is very painful when prepping for a journal that uses numbers. Since it’s very easy to accidentally do, and very hard to undo, this would be a very valuable addition to an already brilliant product.