Insert citation selection hard to see

I just noticed that the focused citation in the list of possible citations is hard to see in Google Docs:

I can’t recall having this issue in the past - did the color scheme change? It’s inconvenient for a quick selection of the correct citation with arrow keys. Maybe you could increase the contrast?

No, this has not changed and we have not heard any complaints about this in the past 4 years. I assume you mean the item that is gray in your screenshot?

Yeah, that’s it. Looking at this thread on another device it’s clearer to see. So must be my screen settings on a new workstation then. To be fair, it isn’t crazy salient on any device but I see how it fits the visual style of the app

In case someone else has the same issue:
I just noticed on a second workstation that the monitor settings were set to maximum contrast. How that setting removes contrast between the gray shaded area and the background is a bit counter intuitive for me. But bringing the contrast setting down a notch made the highlighted area visible again.

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