Insert references per chapter


In my thesis, in google docs, I would like to have references listed per chapter, and not automatically at the end of the document. Is there a way to do this? If not this would be a feature request :smiley:

Or is the not-so-optimal solution to write chapters separately and merge at the very end?



The solution is to write each chapter as a separate document. Multiple bibliographies within the same document would be a fairly big change. That said, I encourage others who would want this feature to add their voice below.


I have just come on to the forum to ask if a strongly-related feature exists, and found this thread. Some journals (publishing the methods section as online-only) ask for a main reference list - containing citations used in the full text - and an additional reference list containing references only used in the methods section. Writing the two sections as separate documents doesn’t solve this problem as you would need to exclude references used in the full text from the second bibliography.


That’s not exactly what I’m asking for in this thread.

I am writing a bigger document (PhD thesis) and would like to list references after each chapter. I’m not citing chapters from books.


Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding. (Earlier post deleted to avoid confusion.)


I’m writing a book at the moment. I’d definitely like to have a single document with references split by chapter, rather than having to split the book into separate chapters.