Inserting a reference produces nothing

Here is a bug
The insertion of the citation produces nothing.
Here is a screen recording of the problem
Chrome, Windows 10.
Here is the reference which I was trying to insert
Although, I had this problem with English references as well.

We’ll try to reproduce. Can you try to disable/re-enable the extension and reload the Docs page to see if it’s a transient thing?

We tried to reproduce this, but with no luck, and our logs indicate that you can successfully format citations, so the cause is unlikely to be a block which is affecting some web services’ use in Russia.

As Stefan mentioned, it is likely that a restart of the extension will fix this, but also possible that the insertions are failing due to a slow internet connection. If that is the case, the best approach is simply to try again.

You can also try inserting references with our optional sidebar add-on. It uses a different method of communicating with the document, and so may be more reliable for you.

Thanks for trying to reproduce! and for the quick response!
Yes, in Russia some of the services are blocked, that’s true but I am in California, and the internet speed is 10 mbps down and 5 up.
I can not tell why the insertion fails, but it fails about 5% of the time and it seems to me that the problem is unrelated to Russia, I had it even with English references.
Usually the reload helps, yes.