Inserting multiple references at once

it would be helpful to be able to select multiple references to cite from the list rather than having to repeat the same citation search. ie- if you want to cite multiple papers from a single author.

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We’re glad you ask :wink:

We’ve just started beta testing our new Google Docs add-on which allows exactly that. It’s beta but if you want to participate, I’ve added you to our beta group and you should see a thread about the private beta in your forum list. Any feedback is more than welcome.

cool! looking forward to trying it. thanks

This would be a great addition.

How is the beta testing progressing?

The new add-on is currently with Google for review and it should be available for everyone soon.

Hello, anything on this feature? It would be very helpful…

It has long been implemented as part of our new add-on. Please have a look at this thread about the new add-on:

Great, thanks!

Would be great to have this as part of the standard paperpile insert citation feature. Also, the ability to suppress the author in all citations from that author at once when adding multiple citations. One problem right now might be a bug, but sometimes clicking (trying to click on a citation to suppress the author name) dismisses the entry dialog, requiring it to be done again…

We don’t have plans to add this to the other citation dialog. We deliberately keep this dialog simple.

Yes, there is a bug still open related to suppress author (see here: Suppressing author)

Am I correct that the sidebar add-on doesn’t support searching by my labels or folders? Is there any way to enter multiple citations from a label or folder search?

Yes, that’s currently not supported and there is not really a workaround at the moment. I think there is a feature request in the forum already somewhere.

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Yes, I have to build a c.v. with over 200 citations. It would be really tedious to insert them one by one! Is there a work around that would let me insert an entire folder of references? Thanks!

No there is no way to insert a folder or label in bulk. With the side-bar addon, however, you can filter for your name (assuming that’s what you want to insert to the CV) and then click “Cite” on each of the results. That’s the fastest way I can think of at the moment.

Thanks for your reply.

Please, can you add me to this beta too?

Welcome to the forum, @Marco_Romano-Silva! You can install our optional sidebar add-on from, then activate it in Google Docs via the top menu option Add-ons > Paperpile > Manage Citations :+1:t3:

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I can’t see any Add-ons menu in my gdocs editing a docx file… what am I missing? There’s nothing in the paperpile menu either. I already have the add-on installed.

Ahh, I see, you need to working on gdoc, not docx within gdocs… now I see it.