Integrating Google Keep

I have found Google Keep an increasingly useful App, especially given the new integration into Google Doc’s.

MetaPDF allows you to create notes drawn from your annotations on any given document. It would be useful if these notes could be exported to Google Keep, or even better, if Keep could be integrated with MetaPDF so that annotations formed notes directly into Keep (Rolls Royce solution).

Such integration would obviously allow the user any easy route into getting notes from Paper Pile to Doc’s. Notes that can be ordered as required, coloured and tagged. Being able to reference the notes would be the icing on the cake.


yes, +1 for Keep integration as well.

Currently, I’m using google keep to type in my note cards for each article. Keep allows quick search, tagging and colour-coding. Usually, i copy the citations as title for my note cards. The body of the note cards would be “text” from metapdf and my comments as text too into Google Keep.

But the workflow requires me to switch back and forth between PP and Keep.

I sort of avoid the Notes icon in PP’s interface, as I realised there’s no off-line access and no easy way for mass-export. Or is there?

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Google Keep integration into Google docs has been fantastically helpful- google keep integration into metapdf is a wonderful idea!

Hello all, has there been any further development with this?

No further development on this @Matt_Tonkins, as the team has been prioritizing the rewrite of the web app. I have added your +1 for Google Keep integration to our internal tracker.

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