Integrating MetaPDF into Paperpile

Hi, this is just an observation, given the obvious limitations of Paperpile’s built in PDF reader, and the obvious superiority of MetaPDF even in Beta. Would it not be better to just replace the built in reader with MetaPDF now as it stands?

Sure, unfortunately exactly that takes lots of work and we are working day and night to make this happen.

Point taken. It is frustration on my part. The combination of the two apps makes a formidable tool. You will not believe how frustrating the ‘gap’ between them can get when the work is flowing along.

Actually it totally believe how frustrating that can be. I get several emails a day telling me that :wink:

That’s the reason why it’s so far up our priority list. It’s just not done yet.

I actually do not see how this is a critical limitation - MetaPDF is literally just 2 clicks away (in fact, only 1 click away, if you have it set as the preferred PDF viewer in your Google Docs settings)

I’m talking about full integration of MetaPDF into PDF. That’s technically challenging.

Loosely linking Paperpile and MetaPDF together as separate products would be a temporary workaround but we decided not to do that and go for the full integration immediately.