Integration with Google Doc Research tab

Google Research tab allows searching for a publication directly in the document window (see The citation can then be added as a footnote. It would be very convenient to be able to add a citation directly to Paperpile library from the research tab.

Our Google Docs plugin essentially offers the same functionality. You can search online for references and directly cite in the Document. At the same time it is imported to your library and if there is a PDF available it is downloaded.


Oh, I see. Indeed. Did you consider integrating with the Google doc research? I think it is more capable, and is more intuitive.

No, we don’t have any plans to integrate with this tab. Our plugin is optimized for efficiency as pure citation plugin. As such I think it’s more useful than the research tab (true cite while you write with keyboard shortcuts,…).

We integrate with Google Search, Google Scholar, Google Books and Google Patents though. So there should be no problem importing references while you are doing research.

is there any way to bring our citations in as footnotes as with Google research (as the previous commentator questions)? I’m totally confused by the citation “manager” and have been unable to locate a citation style that allows for the reformatting with footnotes…

Yes, definitely. Here’s how:

  • Create a footnote with “Insert > Footnote”
  • In the footnote add a citation with “Paperpile > Insert citation”
  • Choose a footnote style with “Paperpile > Citation style”, e.g. “Modern Language Association 6th edition (note)”
  • Choose “Paperpile > Format document”

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