Integration with LLMs

I know I’m barking up the wrong tree… It’s almost May and the beta still goes on.

Anyway, any future integration with research assistants such as would be highly advantageous. Or a custom LLM fine tuned on each user’s library to answer questions, find connections, explain concepts, etc.

An open API people could build on top of would solve the problem of slow development cycles but I know that’s equally unlikely.


@hellstrom Thank you for your suggestion regarding integration with research assistants. We are closely monitoring the AI space and keeping an eye on developments that may be relevant to Paperpile users. The team will take your comment into consideration.

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100% agree with this. I have been uploading papers to Cody ( and IngestAI ( and had a great time ‘interrogating’ my own library. It seems like a natural fit with a citation management software. (Easier said than done, I know.)

That would be amazing!

I found another tool recently, also enables talk with multiple source, even youtube and mp3