Integration with Manuscript

Manuscripts is a new platform to simplify writing a paper. Here is what I heard back from them when I asked them to integrate their software with the Paperpile.

Is this something worth looking into?

Re: Manuscript and Paperpile
Hi Rooz

Manuscripts has a JavaScript and AppleScript API that makes it possible to interact with outside reference managers. I would be happy to assist Paperpile developers in adding support for Manuscripts, but it’s probably best for you to contact Paperpile developers to point out your need as a user.

I should also note, you can also use the internal citation tool included with Manuscripts to cite: without any particular citation tool support, just by importing bibliography data files into the app.


Manuscript is a relatively new product. There are many other writing platforms out there like Overleaf, ShareLatex or Scrivener. We’ve got requests for integration for all of them.

At this point we focus on Google Docs and Word for official integrations. We don’t really have the resources to consider all products out there. That said, we hope we can provide programmatic access to Paperpile so that it is possible for external developers to develop such integration.

If anyone is interested to develop integration with other products, please let us know.

Hi @stefan,

I’ve been working on this project called Typeset ( for some time now. Its a writing platform for Researchers. I’m looking for a possible integration with Paperpile for reference management.

Would it be possible for you guys to provide a programmatic access to Paperpile? Please let me know.

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks. Looks great. I’ll let you know once we are in a position to offer some sort of API access to third parties.

Hi @stefan, Could you please let me know if you can provide API access to third parties? Just checking in to see if there is any update.