Integration with Perlego

I have recently become a Perlego subscriber ( - self-styled as Spotify for books) and I think there is a great opportunity for integrating the services. They have a lot of books that one’s academic institution might not have and it is even more useful for independent researchers without institutional affiliation & access.

While they don’t have a proxy , it would be very useful if at least bibliographical information for books being read by your account in Perlego could be synced with Paperpile including a link to the fulltext and ideally the notes/highlights imported as well. At the very least, Paperpile plugin should be able to read the bibliographical information from a book’s page in Perlego.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @otichy - Perlego looks great and I’ve added your request for an integration to our tracker.

Actually I opened a few random books to attempt importing them via the extension button, and basic bibliographical information did come through. Some small errors were then rectified when running an Auto-Update (Shift-A) for those imported sources. Is that not the case for you?

You are right, I was put off initially by the Paperpile plugin’s “No papers were found in this tab”.

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