Integration with Slack


I see this was brought up a while ago by stefan. it would be great for our lab, which is on paperpile and slack! thanks


I would love to drop everything and work on Slack integration :slight_smile: Also Paperpile runs on Slack…

But we need to stay disciplined and look at every feature with an objective mindset.

What would be your use case? How would improve the Slack integration your workflow?


Yes, I guess we have to pick our goals – it would be nice to have a more streamlined way to share paperpile papers/minilibraries through slack but it still works through link sharing. I would rather have the ability to add to my paperpile library directly from a mobile search, if you’re taking votes.


Can I +1 this one? Among the things mentioned it would be great to get Slack posting to an appropriate channel when someone adds a new paper on Paperpile. (Ideally, posts to the appropriate channel based on paper’s labels!)