Internal PDF Links (e.g. table of contents)

In larger PDFs, for example books, it is useful to be able to click on links in the table of contents or other linked cross-references (e.g. tables and figures). It seems that paperpile does not keep these links intact in the PDF Viewer. I have tried with files in PDF Expert and then uploaded the to paperpile and it seems to strip the links. This may be a deliberate feature, but it would be nice for the user to decide.

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Thanks for sharing this with us, @DSR. The dev team has confirmed that Paperpile doesn’t currently keep the links intact. However, updates to the PDF viewer are planned. For now this won’t change, but the team has noted your feedback, and it will be considered.

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I don’t understand the post and its reply from Staff. I have many pdf books that I access from the paperpile viewer and the contents table links work fine : I m on Mac and IPad.

It may depend on the PDF. Perhaps you could share a sample PDF with us, @DSR. You can share it here, via chat or email so that the team can take a look.