Introducing paperpAlfred

If you use Alfred I wrote a workflow to query your Paperpile library and access your saved PDFs. Feedback welcome!


This is really nice @giovanni, thank you very much for making this! :smiley:
A question: looks like it requires an export of Paperpile library. Currently some testing of Github automatic export/sync is available and working, would it be possible to have this Workflow point directly to a public Github repo with a sync-ed BibTeX file?

Thank you @lalarabbit, glad you find it helpful. Unfortunately the BibTeX export (which is now available directly from Paperpile) is missing a lot of fields needed for paperpAlfred to work (folders, labels, paperpile ID, google drive ID etc). so a version of the workflow based on BibTeX export would have fewer features … but it is appealing to have a always-up-to-date database and it could be done if others are interested. Ideally paperpile will extend this feature to their JSON export.

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Perhaps we could suggest to Paperpile to allow users to configure what fields to be exported to the sync-ed BibTex file. Tagging @vicente and @stefan here for this. It would be so nice not having to manually export the database regularly.

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Implementing a JSON-based export that would include the fields mentioned by @giovanni is within our scope and could be fairly simple to achieve after rolling out the updated web app and extension. We will be sharing a roadmap and some surveys covering this and other relevant topics very soon, so please make sure to share your feedback there as well.