iOS app not secure?

Hello - My workplace - a US federal agency - has prevented my use of the iOS Paperpile app due to security issues. I am bringing this to the attention of other users and of the app developers. Here is what my workplace security team reported out:

“based on the security scan, it communicates with and sends information to China including: accessing the camera, clipboard and records audio, and accepts incoming connections (externally initiated).”

I hope the Paperpile team will consider making some time to address these security issues with the next app update.

Hi @vicente,

Could you kindly comment on @Erin_Berryman’s post?

I am almost certain this is due to an overzealous scan tool but it shouldn’t be left unaddressed. I also couldn’t find specific privacy information related to the iOS app in the support documents.

Thanks for the ping here, @heumed.

@Erin_Berryman, as I mentioned via direct message, this is very puzzling because iOS doesn’t give camera or microphone access without user permission, and Paperpile doesn’t ask for those at all (there are no features on our app that require camera or microphone). Could you ask the team to share some of the findings that led to this conclusion, so I can report to the devs accordingly?