iOS app text/UI scaling?

Hi there,

First of all, thanks for developing and continuing to support this fantastic app! I’ve tried a wide range of similar software and nothing comes close to Paperpile’s friendliness, simplicity, and ease of adding papers.

Anyway, since I try to avoid Chrome whenever possible, I’ve been using the Paperpile iOS app on my M1 MacBook for reading and annotating PDFs. For the most part it works great, but the menu font size is quite small relative to the rest of the UI and there’s no way to change it. Would it be possible to add a “UI text size” option to the app, or otherwise optimize the font size for M1 Mac use? Here’s a screenshot of what I mean, with a Finder preferences window overlayed for a comparison of standard system font size:

I’d imagine larger iPads might benefit from this sort of option as well.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the feedback, @ahurst, and welcome to our forum! I’ve added your request to our tracker for the team to consider when next updating the mobile app. Although we will soon be implementing support for Safari (there’s been some delays but we expect to have news by summer), Paperpile runs on any Chromium-based browser (Brave, MS Edge, Vivaldi, Chromium, Opera) in case you’d like an alternative to Chrome in the meantime.