iOS private beta (old)

Users are ready. Its time for Paperpile to declare a season this year for iOS private beta.


I am really looking forward to this feature.

Coming from ReadCube, which had a great iOS app and excellent integration, this is one of the features I miss the most. Right now I’m surviving with PDF Expert synchronized to the starred papers folder, but it’s far from ideal.

i can not agree more, even a half baked app would be nice to start.

Please release the beta. Having papers accessible on the go would be incredibly helpful!

Yes, we agree.

I have to be super cautious with ETAs (nobody knows what happens) but as it stands now we should have the beta app in the App store for review by apple this week.

Thanks for all your patience.


Hurray! Well done - excited :smile:

This is wonderful news, and I’m happy to read this shortly after upgrading my account!

@stefan: Will the iOS beta be publicly listed on the App store? Or will it be by invitation only, like the Android beta? I signed up to be a beta tester via the form on the Android thread. Is that still the recommended way of going about things? (I do most of my reading on my iPad, but wouldn’t mind being able to access my collection in a pinch on my Android phone.)

Thanks again for the update, and for helping develop a great product.

I’m going crazy without ios support!

I was wondering about @rodrigo’s question. It sounds like the beta app is being released as a regular app on the App store rather than as a beta app via TestFlight? Is this so that you can get more people testing it? As far as I know, TestFlight betas don’t require a review by Apple?

TestFlight betas do require a review. To be honest that also came as a surprise for us. There is another unforeseen issue with a naming conflict in the Store which delay the beta release. We are considering starting the beta without the store. I hope I have updates on this next week. Thanks for your patience!


If everything goes well, we will start the beta tomorrow. The main thread about the beta is already live and I will close this thread here.