iPad screen turns white after clearing abstract in Chrome


I’ve found my iPad screen turns all white in the following situation.

  1. Access my Paperpile via Google Chrome (Windows PC).
  2. Choose any item whose abstract field is already filled in.
  3. Delete all text in the abstract field and Save.
  4. Access my Paperpile via iPad app.
  5. Tap the item (not arrow icon to open PDF) and a completely blank page shows.

I cleared some abstracts because Paperpile extension sometimes didn’t recognize abstract texts well when importing PDF files. Luckily, it is OK to directly open a PDF file by tapping an arrow icon. Even so, once a blank page shows up, I can do nothing but close app because it’s all white and there is no icon to tap.

Hope you can fix this soon :smiley:
Thank you!

Windows 10 Pro: ver 2004
Chrome: 87.0.4280.88 (64 bit)
iPad OS: 14.2
Paperpile (iPad): 1.1.0

Thanks for the report, @Roy, and welcome to our forum! I’ve shared the details for our QA to reproduce and hopefully identify the source of this issue. Will share an update when there is one.

Just following up here @Roy - this is now on the team’s queue of things to address on mobile. Seems like a sync / backend issue; we hope to include a fix for it in one of our upcoming updates.

I’m glad to hear that your team has identified the issue.
Hope it will be fixed soon.
Thank you.