iPad sync error

I keep getting “There was an error syncing your library” with a “Retry” link. I tried reconnecting the wifi, restarting the app, and then my iPad, none seem to restore the sync issue. Anyone else experienced similar issue? How did you solve it?

Paperpile support team, is this a known issue? How do I break out of it to get my iPad synced?


Same issue ongoing on iPhone suddenly

I had the same issue, in both iphone and ipad, it fixed logging out and on again…

As @Gari points out, this should be resolved by signing out and back in on the mobile app. We’ve had a few reports of this recently so the team is already looking into it.

Won’t signing out lose any unsynced data? At least that’s what the app tells me when I click to Sign Out

Hi @ucfagls, it should be resolved now with a server change - you should be able to sync even without logging out.

Sorry about your troubles! Let me know if it works please

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I’ve been having the same problem the last couple of weeks: I simply cannot sync the paperpile on my Ipad (keep receiving the message “There was an error syncing your library”. I thought about signing out but I’m afraid I might loose important information. What should I do?

Welcome to our forum, @pgomensoro! Is this still the case? I’m afraid there’s no alternative to signing out and back in to resolve this issue. Have you imported / annotated papers on your iPad already? I take it they’re not appearing in the web app? Let me know.

Hi! Thank you very much for the reply.

I have lots of pdfs and annotations on the app. I had been using it for months when the syncing problem started. All of them appear to me both on the IPad app and on Google Chrome, except for the last three or four papers I added with the browser.

What happens exactly if I log off from the iPad app? Will I be able to restore what I had from my paperpile cloud?

Thanks for the confirmation. The only thing that could be lost when signing out and back in to the app are annotations made or papers imported via the iPad after the sync issue started. All the information you’re able to see on Chrome is already safe in the cloud and wouldn’t be affected by this process.

If you find any of those recent PDFs are not showing up on Chrome and you wish to keep them, you can open them on the mobile viewer and share somewhere (like GDrive or via email) so you can then re-import them via web.

Another question - are you on the latest version of the app? This sync issue was supposed to be fixed with that release, so it would be helpful to know in which version it is occurring for you. You can check on the App Store - it should be 1.3.3. Let me know.