Is anyone else having problems with pubmed today?

When I click on the paperpile icon in google to add a paper I’ve found to my paperpile library, it relies heavily on pubmed to get the metadata etc.

Never had a problem before but today when I have a big section of the chapter I’m currently writing to get finished, it is being really really awkward!

I’ve checked my dns settings (and changed them to opendns just in case) and added pubmed’s website to my firewall trusted URLs and it’s still not playing ball.

Seems to be very intermittent today. Is anyone else having the same issue? Or is it me/ my network?

If I’m not the only one, well that’s good as I can assume it’s just pubmed’s servers that are on the blink. But if not then at this rate my PhD might be the death of me! :unamused:

must have been a pubmed issue as its all fine this morning :slight_smile:

PubMed is awesome. They have the best data and that’s why we try to use PubMed data whenever possible. Unfortunately it’s down/slow from time to time and that has a negative impact on Paperpile. But these issues are rare and most of the time it’s back to normal quickly.

Oh I agree that PubMed is awesome, it certainly wasn’t a criticism. It was just the first time I’d come across it being down/slow so I wanted to make sure it was PubMed not my computers or my University network.

Normal service is back and I’m a happy man (well as happy as anyone with a short deadline and 100,000 words still to write! :wink: )