Is MetaPDF continuing as a separate Chrome App?

Continuing the discussion from MetaPDF offline:

MetaPDF has been so helpful that I have been using it for PDF annotations on PDFs that are not academic papers, and thus not in paperpile. Recently, the website has been consistently unreachable, but the pdf annotations built-in to Paperpile continue to work fine.

I hope this is a temporary glitch, rather than an indication that the stand-alone MetaPDF is no longer supported.

We are currently working on a brand new version of our PDF annotator. It will add missing annotation features, some performance improvements and many changes behind the scenes that will make it possible to seamless interact with the PDF annotator in our iOS and Android apps. That’s the priority at the moment.

We have plans with the MetaPDF brand but it’s still unclear how it will look like. For now we keep the app running but it’s marked as “beta” for a reason.

Thank you for the reply. The PaperPile PDF annotation (and MetaPDF) are already pretty sweet, but yeah there are a few annotations features that would make it complete.

Is MetaPDF still supported? I also asked here, but no response.

We will not continue MetaPDF as a separate App at the moment.