Is the paperpile sidebar still supported (or work arounds for latex export)

Hi, When I click on the links for the paperpile sidebar addon I’ve found in old posts I get a 404 page not found error. I’ve searched for paperpile in the chrome plugin store I only see the toolbar plugin which I already have. (see linked pic below) I was hoping to try out the sidebar so I could make use of the feature where I can export a google doc with citations to latex (following the procedure in the second linked pic). Does anyone know how to get the sidebar or how to export from either word or google doc citations to latex cite codes without the sidebar? Thanks!


Hi there, here is the link to the Google Docs sidebar add on. Going to Paperpile > Export > References as BibTeX will allow you to export your references as a BibTeX file.
Saving as BibTeX can also be done using the Paperpile for Word plugin. In Word, go to the Paperpile ribbon, choose Settings and Tools > Document Settings > Export and Save As BibTeX.

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for the fast reply. When I use Settings and Tools > Document Settings > Export and Save As BibTeX in the word ribbon or Paperpile > Export > References as BibTeX on google docs. I am able to get the BibTeX file with the references, but not the the text of the document with LaTeX citation codes, which means I cannot paste the same citations into a LaTeX document. This is the feature I am trying to find. It appears this feature was included with paperpile as of 2015, see above screen shot, but I can’t find references for how to use it now. Thanks!


Follow up: Here is a link to the forum post where the sidebar add-on was introduced and the download document (not just citations) to latex was included in the feature announcement The new Google Docs sidebar add-on. FAQ for Paperpile customers

@John_James_Desmarais did you try installing the sidebar add-on from the link shared by @suzanne? We also updated it in the original thread you mention. This quick screen recording might clear things up – let us know otherwise.

Thanks! The screen capture cleared it up! I had the plug-in installed but didn’t know how to activate the sidebar with increased export functionality. It’s working perfectly now!