Is there a maximum limit on file size

I’ve been trying to upload this paper on Paperpile and the pdf is unusually large (~160MB). I find that the pdf is not uploaded to google drive when uploading through paperpile and I can’t access the pdf in another computer than the one I uploaded it on. However, it works fine if I directly upload it to google drive. In addition, I found that even when uploaded on the same computer, when I try to open it, it opens as a ViewOnly pdf and I cannot add any annotations. This made me wonder if there is a size limit to uploads or was it limited to the pdf that I was trying to add to my library. Other papers work fine (but are really much smaller in size).

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Yes there is, but I can’t find the reference in the documentation. As far as I remember the limit is 3MB.

Not 100 MB?

According to the troubleshooting guide the limit is 100 MB.

Very large PDFs are almost invariably unnecessarily so. The most common culprit I have seen is when high-resolution images from scientific equipment - much larger than what is necessary - are included in the PDF. I suggest compressing the PDF before uploading it, this will also make it easier for the PDF annotator to work with the file. There are several online services that will compress a PDF for free.

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Ya, I thought the journal would have compressed the images to some extent before adding it to their website. 160MB is a tad too large. It works when compressed - I was just curious to see what the limit was. Thanks for the link @Jason_Jensen.

My largest is ~90MB and still opens (slowly) in the annotated pdf viewer, so that’s one data point :slight_smile:

And trust me, I’ve compressed mine as much as possible, but they are scans of art books. I split one book into two parts just to keep the size down.