Is there any way to know how many time I have referenced an author in the current document I am writing?

Hello, I have been writing this long paper, which in turn has been divided into 3 other documents. I would like to know how much importance I am dedicating to a single author, and that is why I would like to know how many time I have referenced each author in my work. Is there any way for Paperpile to count the citations used?


Thanks for the query, David. This is currently not possible with our software, it would certainly be a neat feature to include but I can’t say it’s currently planned. Regardless, I’m adding the request to our internal tracker for the team to consider over future reviews. Any +1s are welcome.

Awesome, thanks Vicente.
It would be nice to see a report on the authors, citation numbers, etc.

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David, you should be able to do all these things in Word, using a VBA macro.

Thank you Bruce. I’ll look into it for my Word documents, but, do you know if any tool that might do the same for Google Docs?