Issue when downloading PDF (iPad OS App)

Hello, recently i am encountering an issue when trying to download a PDF using my university proxy. The proxy (Sapienza University of Rome) is correctly working and I log in correctly, but when I browse the file for download it prompt me the message saying (Network error).

It’s a few months i am encountering this issue, while before everything was working smoothly.

Thank you very much for the help.


Welcome to our forum, @Andrea_Z! Is the proxy working correctly via web (laptop or desktop)? If not, it might be worth contacting your university’s IT or library department to check whether anything has changed on their end. Let me know.

Hi Vicente, thank you for your prompt reply. With my laptop is working correctly. Is just when i use the iPad app that seems to not be working. Also, with the iPad, when i am connected in the campus thriugh the university wifi everything works smoothly.

Hi, I have received the same error. I have tried to download multiple papers across multiple journals and receive the “network error”. I have tried switching wifi’s, using hotspots and restarting the app. None of which work.

Please can you let me know how to remedy this as it is very frustrating.

Thank you for your reports @Andrea_Z and @Mesouda_Laine. Can you share links to the papers where this is not working for you so that the team can investigate? You can share them here or via our in app chat/email

Dear Suzanne, apologies for this late reply. But the issue is still here. I tried disconnecting, reconnecting to the proxy and nothing seems to work.
Today again i tried with this paper which is open access so does not even need the proxy connection to be downloaded and this is what i get.
It starts to dowload it and says it is saving it (screenshot 1) i can open the PDF but then as soon as it closes it it disappears and says network error (screenshot 2) it does this with all the PDF, open access or not. It only works sometimes when connected to eduroam.

Thank you very much for the assistance,