Issue with broken links in end-of-sentence quotes when track changes is turned on

When I turn on track changes in the word app on MacOS, the links for the end-of-sentence quotes are broken. If I delete the number in the text, the number after it does not change.
Is there any way to use track changes without disabling the link?

Welcome to our forum, @oimo! My understanding is that things should work normally in track changes mode, although perhaps it is better to add citations in normal editing mode. Regardless, I’ve consulted our Word specialist for further insight. It might be helpful if you could share the document in question (or a sample) for us to check – you can do so via chat or email ( if willing.

@oimo no luck reproducing this issue on our end. Could you please share a screen recording of the issue or the document so we have more leads to investigate? Can be here or via chat/email ( Let us know!