Journal website is unresponsive

Brand new to Paperpile. I can’t seem to add references from PubMed to Paperpile when logged on using my institution’s proxy server.

I opened up PubMed in Google Chrome after enabling Paperpile. I see a small icon to the right of the article title that gives me the option to add reference to Paperpile. However, when I click the icon, I get a message that says “journal website is unresponsive”. I’ve gotten the same error for multiple references I’ve tried in different journals, so I don’t think the problem is with the journal websites.

I log on to PubMed through my institution’s proxy server. This gives me access to the full text of the journal. Paperpile seems to work when I go to the native PubMed site (i.e. not using my university’s proxy) but then, of course, I don’t have full text access. It would be a great nuisance if I had to keep switching back and forth between PubMed instances in order to use Paperpile.

I did enter my proxy information in Paperpile’s settings but that did not fix the problem.

I also tried entering the PMID under Paperpile’s search function, but no go. Paperpile generates a long list of irrelevant documents rather than the article I want.

I hear good things about Paperpile and I’d really like to be able to use it as my reference manager - any suggestions on how to fix these problems?

Can you try again? There was some PubMed outage today (unfortunately this happens more often then we would like…)

We got confirmation from other users who had the problem that it’s working again.

Thanks, yes, this morning it was working fine. I appreciate your getting back to me. Now that it’s working with PubMed, it looks like a great time saver for reference management.

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