Keep italics after Auto-Update?

What is the preferred way of using italics in reference titles? I had to do it and manually added <i>italic</i> to genes and species names.

However, this is fragile because the Auto-Update reverts to the original title, which usually has no italic tags. Could the auto-update function identify and preserve the italics already present in the title?

Using <i> tags is the correct way. You’re right, we should check if there is user markup in the title and don’t overwrite it when we auto-update. I’ve added to our internal bug tracker. Thanks!

Great!! Thanks!

hi Stefan, it sounds great if you can check for markup in the title; how general would this be? e.g. for ensuring that latex markup in titles is preserved (e.g. using {} around an abbreviation.

I’ve not looked into the code how it’s actually implemented at the moment. But I’d guess at the moment we compare the auto-updated title string to the current title string with markup and take the new one if they differ.

A better strategy would be to normalize each string (i.e. strip all markup), compare those strings and if we find that they still match, we just keep the old one.