Keyboard entry causes double citation

I note that, when I use the following keyboard-only workflow, I erroneously get two identical citation links next to each other;

  • command-shift-p shortcut (on a Mac);
  • add sufficient text for a match;
  • use the cursor arrows to make a selection and hit return;
  • use tab to select the ‘Add Citation’ button.

I make use of shortcuts across Google Drive and anything that pushes me into using the mouse is a small but persistent frustration. Could this be fixed?

We have not heard any problems. Actually the plugin was designed from ground up to be usable without the mouse.

I need to have a look and see if I can reproduce.

But from your description I’d suggest just skip the “tab” which is not necessary. Simply “Enter” should be enough.

Yes, you are quite right. The additional ‘tab’ is not needed and is the cause of the duplication. Thanks - nothing to see here!

The strange tab behaviour is still a bug though. Thanks for reporting!