Keyboard shortcut for remove from folder

I have a lot of folders and nested folders, and I often rearrange/remove papers within the folder “taxonomy.” I know that there are currently two ways to remove a paper from a folder:

  1. Remove the item from the folder by hovering of the folder name and clicking the “X” – BUT I find this to be finicky, and since the text of the folder is so small and faint, I often don’t click perfectly on the “X” and I end up navigating away to another folder.

  2. Select the folder icon from the top menu and then scroll through to detect the relevant folder – BUT, when you have a lot of folders, this is very inefficient.

I would LOVE to see a simple keyboard shortcut to remove a selected paper from the currently viewed folder. The use of keyboard shortcuts for other functions is one of the things that makes working in Paperpile so quick and intuitive!

Thanks for the feedback, @alis_campbell, and welcome to our forum! I agree on the usefulness of shortcuts and that there should be a keyboard option for as many actions as possible. Not sure how well folder-editing actions would translate code-wise, but I’ve added your suggestion to our internal tracker for the team to consider over future reviews. There are already a few requests for other shortcut additions to be considered alongside yours; together their priority increases.

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Thanks for the response. I really appreciate the work the Paperpile team has put in and I love using the product!

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