Keyboard shortcut for "search your papers" field


As the title says, I wanted to know if there were a keyboard shortcut to quickly get the focus on the “search your papers” search field.
In my case, it would speed everything up.

Thanks a lot!

Does “/” not work for you? We got some reports that it does not work on foreign keyboards but it should be possible to find out the corresponding key on your keyboard.

btw these are all keyboard shortcuts we have at the moment:

That’s exactly what I was looking for… I never realized this shortcut screen existed (all shortcuts work on my US keyboard).

As a suggestion, could the “/” shortcut be displayed in the search field (“Search your papers ( / )”), and/or the “+” shortcut be displayed when hovering over the “Add Papers” button (like the other shortcuts are displayed for the “Label” button, for instance)?

Thanks again.