Keywords for all papers by default


Is there a way to have keywords be included by default as you add a new paper or update an existing source?
I have been searching but have not found anything related to this.


Welcome to our forum, Tony, and thanks for the request. Are you referring to keywords in a paper’s metadata? Please share some more details of your use case / workflow so I can categorize the feedback accordingly on our tracker.

Hi Vincent,
Thanks for the response and sorry for the late response.
Yes, I am referring to the Paper’s keyword as part of the paper’s metadata. By default, this metadata is not part of the metadata collection for the paper and needs to be included as an additional attribute manually.
I have a lot of sources in my library and I have not found a configuration anywhere in which I can include keyword metadata to be collected as a global attribute to be collected for all of the papers in my library.
keyword metadata not only is good for bibliometrics and analysis, but it is also beneficial for searching across the library for common keywords among papers.
If there is a way to do it rather than source by source please let me know.