Label order in bibliographic entries

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I’d like to know if there is a way of changing the label order in each bibliographic entry. So far, it just seems to follow the order in which I put the labels. However, more often than not I’d like to reorder them once I’m done tagging, either because I want to sort the tags in order of relevance for the article, or because I use some “functional” tags that I’d like to see always on top.

For example, here:

I’d like to have the “READ” status on top, followed by the “KEY POINTS” label, and then order the tags like this “gentrification, social tectonics, distinction…”.

Sure enough, I could do it ex ante, by selecting the labels in the desired order - but I have a rather messy and brain-stormingy way of tagging articles, which is ill-fitted to this orderly procedure.

Is there any way to do that ex post ?

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I agree with Andrea’s suggestion - I also wish there was a way to change the order of labels in each entry, as well as in the list of labels. In the list of labels, at the moment it’s only possible to sort labels by alphabetical order or the number of uses. It would be great to be able to sort by formatting (or sort manually).

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