Label Style and Add Manually fly out menus disappear

When I go to choose a style for a label, the fly out menu disappear as soon as I move the cursor over it, making it almost impossible to actually choose a style. The Add Manually menu similarly disappears. Other than that Paperpile is awesome.

That’s the same problem discussed here: Pasting Bibtex code to add a paper: textframe does not stay open

Chrome stable is not affected, it just occurs on the current beta channel.

We are still working on it. We have contacted the company providing our user interface library but they don’t take it seriously and told us it’s a bug in Chrome beta and we should not worry and trust Google that they will fix. We’ll see… We are not so relaxed about it and do our best to get it sorted before Chrome 43 reaches stable.

Many thanks for the quick response. I see, I will just “downgrade” to the stable channel for now.

We’ve just pushed a fix. In the meantime Chrome 43 was promoted to stable btw.

Thanks for reporting, we really appreciated it!

Fantastic - many thanks for the prompt response and fix!