Legal Citations

I am a legal researcher, and just started using Paperpile and love it! My only problem is that for case citations and legislation, it seems to not be good at identifying their existence and/or where to download PDFs from when I am using the browser plugin. Therefore, I need to add it in manually. I was wondering if there was anything in the development plan to increase support for legal citations?

Specific examples where I think it would be easy to implement since the citations / PDFs are fully standardized:

Thanks and appreciate the great product. I really want to stick to it, but may need to switch to Zotero given my research interests, since it handles this seamlessly.


Thanks for the kind words, Brandon, and for trying out Paperpile! I’ve added your feedback to our tracker and let the team know - we keep an active list of sites/databases from various disciplines to add support for. Can’t say how soon we’ll be able to prioritize the matter, but it’s on our radar.

not sure exactly what Brandon is seeking, but I use a lot of caselaw in my research, and support could be improved. Pls 1+ for me