Library data in (beta) pdf viewer

I am very excited about the beta pdf viewer which allows for annotations an notes within the pdf.

Often, when I read a paper, I want to look back at the metadata (e.g. to see when and where it was published), and now I have to go back to the library and find the paper.

It would be great if the library metadata could be integrated into the viewer, and made editable too.

This is especially relevant for notes metadata field. The highlighted notes that you make in the pdf viewer are not searchable. It would be great if the beta viewer would provide access to the ‘note’ metafield in the library so that I can make searchable notes whilst reading the document.

We are currently working on the reverse (making annotations available in Paperpile). It’s a major effort to make the main app and the PDF viewer work better together. All annotations and notes will be searchable.

Great to hear! Searching annotations and notes would, of course, be wonderful!

I think it might still be useful to be able to see the metadata (Journal and year published, etc.) in the PDF viewer.

Another example is adding labels while you are reading the paper. This would be a greate addition in my view!