Link a "tweeprint" to a paper

In my field of neuroscience, a recently common innovation is authors announcing the release of a new paper or preprint by posting a “tweeprint” or a ~5-20 tweet long Twitter thread summarizing the main findings of the paper in a series of easily digestible tweets. It would be extremely useful to be able to:

  1. Link these threads to a paper in Paperpile, automatically or manually


  1. Provide an easy method built into Paperpile to archive these threads as .html or .pdf files and include them with the paper pdf in each person’s archive, in case they are deleted from Twitter in the future (or if Twitter goes out of business)
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Hi @Simon_Bohn, you can link these threads manually to your papers. Under a reference in your Paperpile library, simply click the :pencil2: icon to open notes and paste the thread link into the note box. You can also attach any file (e.g., PDF, HTML, PNG, etc.) to your reference by clicking the :paperclip: icon.

This is an excellent idea. @Paperpile, it will be great if you could add the functionality to the web clipper to capture Twitter threads, as many academics use Twitter to learn about their field.

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@Simon_Bohn and @mullatausif, we have some good news on this front! The new Chrome extension will be able to collect Twitter tweets and threads. I have tried this out, and it is extremely quick! The rewritten web app will be available soon.


That’s awesome news. I am really looking forward to the new web app with the requested features.

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