Link Button when PDF Not Applicable

I have many citations for eBooks and websites that I do not have PDFs for. But I do have URLs that go directly to them such as the website URL or a Google Play Books URL. The problem is that this is buried making it difficult to know when I have access to non-PDF resources.

For example, I have this eBook. But from this view it doesn’t look like I do.

If I highlight it, the small “Website” link shows up. However, there is no way to know if this is a publisher website or a link to an eBook or other such link.

It would be amazing if, instead of this, I could could open the “Add PDF” drop down and select something link “Insert Direct Link”. Then, I could paste the URL creating an alternate button like this one:

This would make my workflow much easier by making it clear from first glance if I have access to a resource or not. In addition to this, being able to change the button to a disabled one that says something like “Owned in Print” or something would also be super helpful. But, the Link button would be the most helpful.


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Thank you for this detailed idea, Angela. I’ve added it to our internal tracker for the team to consider over future reviews. I can’t promise a timeline, but once we’ve completed some of our major ongoing projects (mobile apps, Word plugin, others) we intend to start making improvements and actively adding features.