Link to full bibliography from citation

We have a long document and have used JAMA style citations and created a bibliography. All good so far - but for our readers is there a way for them to jump/link from the in-text citation number to the bibliography easily, so they can see what the reference is?
Currently when we hover over the in-text citation number it just gives says ‘paperpile citation’ with an edit sign. I am sure it used to show the reference?


Welcome to our forum. @Laura_Barrett! In-text citations are hidden links which led to the reference metadata (in a different tab rather than the bibliography) but were disabled due to privacy concerns.

The edit dialog you see is the normal behavior. I’m afraid there’s no current way to jump from the in-text citations to their bibliography counterparts, but I’ve added your feedback to the topic on our internal tracker for the team to consider. We will soon be working on updates for the citing workflow in Docs.