Link to references in Paperpile library within PDF

A very useful feature would be indicators within an article’s reference list indicating whether or not that reference exists in the current Paperpile library. This would be similar to how the Paperpile Chrome extension adds either an “add to paperpile” or “view reference in paperpile” button next to identified references in e.g. Google Scholar.

Possibly similar to a previous feature request: loading-references-with-links-in-paperpile


Thanks for the suggestion, Karl. The idea has indeed come up before so I’m adding your +1 to our internal tracker for the team to consider in future reviews.

This would be very very useful!

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This is something Readcube Papers does very nicely. You can click a tab in the pdf sidebar and it presents the bibliography as a list of live links, with the option to add to library. Extremely useful for research.