Links visible on hover

I find Paperpile is good for minimising clicks. One of my favourite features is the [Website | PubMed | Cited By | Commentary | Associated Paper] set of links shown in the snippet for each paper (I’d be interested to know if there are any other links that could be provided - I would find a direct link to the PubReader version useful).

But my request for now is more basic - might it be possible for these links to become visible when I hover, rather than having to click?

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Actually, we careful thought about that. We ended up hiding them behind an extra click because showing them by default would clutter the interface extremely. Showing them on hover would make the experience extremely busy when you move the mouse.

In hindsight, we think it was the right decision as we found users click these links not that often. So it is clearly a secondary action compared to the primary actions like opening a PDF.