Linux support for google drive?

It looks like the google drive client for linux is not coming (surely, it would have arrived by now, if google were going to release it). Just read this from Sept, which points to a github resource for push/pull. On my linux machine, it would be great sometimes to have local copies of my Paperpile folder. (I don’t anticipate editing that folder, to avoid any conflicts.)


Google Drive for Linux would be nice. Currently, I use Insync ( as Google Drive client for Linux which works fine. Their one time payment of $15 for a basic license is reasonable.


I’m also using Insync as a Google Drive client for Linux and it works very nicely. The only thing to remember when working with Paperpile files is that they will only appear once – so if you star a paper it might be in the starred folder, or in one of the alphabet folders, but not both.

We do not officially support any of those even though inSync should work ok.

Paperpile uses the official Google Drive API. Within this cloud framework it’s possible to put files into multiple folders and to have files with the same name. A client that tries to sync this to a local hard-disk needs to solve these two issues. The official clients do this well, inSync has trouble at least with the multiple folder issue.

The pull/push script Stephen posted does not care about any of these issues, actually there is a warning on the GitHub page:

Google Drive allows a directory to contain files/directories with the same name. Client doesn’t handle these cases yet. We don’t recommend you to use drive if you have such files/directories to avoid data loss.