Loading/viewing PDFs is extremely slow

When I click on View PDF in Paperpile, the file opens, loads, and displays pages very slowly. During this loading process it is very sluggish to scroll through pages and of course it takes a while to view text and graphics.

If I open the same PDF in either the default Chrome viewer (without using Paperpile) or with Adobe Acrobat, I do not have the same issues and my PDFs load instantly.

One time during this process, the Paperpile extension crashed, and I reloaded it. But I still am having slow PDF loading issues.

Another issue is that even after the PDF fully loads, the search (ctrl + F) function is also slow. So if I type a term to search and try to proceed through all the matches found, it is very sluggish to move forward. Again, this problem is only present when I use the Paperpile PDF viewer.

I’m on Chrome Version 117.0.5938.92 (Official Build) (64-bit).

@yoda I’m sorry to hear this. Is this happening for all PDFs, or some PDFs? If it is happening with only some PDFs, please share these with us here or via chat/email so that the team can attempt to reproduce the problem.