Loss of et al. in Microsoft word

I’m having an issue with my in-line citations when using Paperpile for Microsoft word wherein any source with more than two authors is formatted with all of the author names in the in-text citation (ie. Author1, Author 2, Author 3 rather than FirstAuthor et al). I have not had this issue with the Paperpile plugin for Google Docs, but the piece of writing I’m working on needs to be edited in Word. I have seen this issue raised in posts from several years ago, and responses suggested this was a style issue, but I am using Harvard style so the format should use et al
Any recommendations on how to fix this?

Welcome to our forum, @G_Pep. This does indeed sound like a style code-related issue, but we need more info to investigate. Could you let us know which exact version of Harvard you are using so we can try to reproduce? Could be a screenshot of the plugin settings dialog. Let me know.

Thank you @vicente. I’ve had the same problem with two different styles, both variants of Harvard. The first one which I have used with googledocs without issue is University of York - Harvard, the other is University of York - Harvard - Archaeology

Thanks for the revert, @G_Pep. On my end, both styles appear to be working correctly, with et al. being used when there are 4 or more authors. Would you mind sharing the doc or a new doc where you reproduce the issue, so we might take a look? You may share via chat or email support@paperpile.com.