Lots of italicized in-text citations (title) APA-7

I’m writing a paper using APA7 formatting. Many of my authorless items of type “Report” are showing up with italicized titles in-text (and on the references page).

In text example:
(Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Rates, 2019)

Using this reference entry:
Undergraduate retention and graduation rates. (2019). National Center for Education Statistics. https://nces.ed.gov/programs/coe/indicator_ctr.asp

I have the Paperpile entry set as Type = “Report” (described as “Report published by a university or organization”)

In reading APA 7 it appears the format should be as follows on the references page:
Organization Name. (date). Title URL

And then in in-text I’d expect to see no italics, or title:
(Organization Name, Year)

My review committee is rejecting my numerous italicized titles… so I’m thinking I must need to set something differently in Paperpile for these items. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to our forum, @Brian_Miller! The trick in this case would be to fill the Author field with the organization name. As the APA 7 guideline reads:

The specific agency responsible for the report appears as the author. The names of parent agencies not present in the group author name appear in the source element as the publisher.